1. Selecting Your New Hardwood Flooring

    In our last blog, we covered the basics of choosing a new carpet flooring. While carpet flooring is undoubtedly popular with many homeowners, others are drawn the appeal of beautiful hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors add a timeless touch to any home, and their durability and finish make them a flooring option that lasts for years if cared for. Today, the Mortgage House in Fayetteville will give y…Read More

  2. Choosing Your New Carpet

    Home improvement projects are a great way to make your home more comfortable and enjoyable while also adding to its value. While many homeowners fixate on fixtures like couches, bathtubs, and new kitchen appliances, one of the most profound impacts you can make on the appearance of your home is by installing new flooring. Carpet flooring has been a popular choice with homeowners for decades. But w…Read More

  3. 5 More Tips For Adding Value To Your Home

    If you read our last blog on adding value to your home, you probably feel like you’re a home remodeling expert. But there’s always opportunities to learn more and improve your skills and your home! Here are five more tips to add value to your home, whether you’re looking to sell it, or simply make it a more comfortable place to live. If you’re ready to buy a home in the Fayetteville area, …Read More

  4. 2018 Housing Market Predictions

    When it comes to predicting what the housing market will do next, we wish we had a fortune teller’s crystal ball. It would sure make all of our lives easier! Unfortunately, magic like that doesn’t exist, but there is a lot of hard data and smart people to pour over it, and that’s pretty darn close to magic! As Fayetteville’s Top Rated Local® mortgage broker, The Mortgage House LLC is alwa…Read More

  5. 5 Tips To Add Value To Your Home

    The housing market is always in flux. It seems like from month to month, there are radical changes that make it a buyer’s market one minute, and a seller’s market the next. And while we at The Mortgage House, LLC can’t predict what 2018 will bring to the housing market, we’ve assembled a list of five foolproof tips to add value to your home. As your preferred mortgage broker in Fayettevill…Read More

  6. Why You May Need a Business Loan

    Starting Your Business With a Loan It is unrealistic to assume you can start a business with just the contents inside of your pockets. When starting a business, you almost always will need to take out a loan. But depending on your sponsorship or how much money you have to begin with, the size of your loan can vary. The loan you take out on your business can be for a wide range of expenses. In this…Read More

  7. Finances to Consider When Owning a Farm: Mortgage Loans Part 2

    Finances to Consider When Owning a Farm: Mortgage Loans Part 2 Welcome back! In our previous blog, we discussed the expenses that come along with farming and farming life. In our last blog, we addressed the expenses in land, equipment, and education. In this last part of our blog series, we will discuss five other aspects of farming life: Labor Costs Livestock Costs Feeding Costs Fencing Costs You…Read More

  8. Tips on Buying a Farm

    Are you considering purchasing a farm in the Fayetteville area? If so, here at The Mortgage House, we help people get farm loans in Fayetteville. When it comes to a big investment like buying a farm, you want to be sure that you have all the information available to ensure you make the right decision. We can help you get the financing, but it is largely up to you to determine your needs so that yo…Read More

  9. Tips On Buying Commercial Property

    Here at The Mortgage House, we help all kinds of people get commercial loans in Buckhead and the surrounding areas. When it comes to your business investments, you want to be sure of your decisions before you make them. Few purchases are as big as a business property, so it is important to do your due diligence to make sure the properties on your list meet your needs. Here, we would like to go ove…Read More

  10. Types of Mortgage Loans

    Here at The Mortgage House, we help people with home loans in Buckhead, Duluth, Fayetteville, and the surrounding areas. If you are interested in mortgage loans, then give us a call for more information. In the meantime, we thought we would list some of the different type of home mortgage loans out there. Fixed vs. Adjustable All home loans fit into one of these broad categories: Fixed Rate: a fix…Read More